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  • home Currently with local dial in numbers in more than 50 countries make relatively free or the cost of a local call the access to MyGlobalPIN
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MyGlobalPIN offers a novel audio conference platform with a worldwide coverage access numbers for private use, which is available 24 hours a day.
You can enjoy of these benefits:

You can enjoy of these benefits:

  • just phone You don´t need internet to use the service, only a phone access.
  • any time You can talk with your customers and/or suppliers around the world at any time and any day.
  • everywhere You can program meetings, conferences or whatever you want between different branches of the company no matter where they are located.
  • family You can communicate with your family and friends anywhere in the world without any problem through a local call providing a member of the family group has our service.
  • save money Unlike other services, all family groups can use the service through a flat rate making a local call.
  • and much more You could use this service for: Commercial meetings, Launch products, Educational conferences, Family meetings, Project team meetings, Sales presentations, Corporate training, And much more…


Local Calling.

Currently with more than 50 local dial in numbers in different countries make relatively free or the cost of a local call the access to MyGlobalPIN.

Unlimited Calling.

There are not limited to the numbers of call that you can do. Maximum Conference Participants. Depending on the options you choose, you can go from 5 to 100. For more participants, please call customer services.

Control via IVR.

In case that you are not in front of a computer, tablet or smartphone, you are able to control the flow of the call trough the IVR.

Web Interface.

With MyGlobalPIN Web Interface, you will be able to use in full all the capabilities of the service which include: scheduling of conferences with automatic email invitations, managing and controlling participants, knowing who is speaking, who is arriving and leaving.

Call Recording.

MyGlobalPIN can record the conference for those that were not presented. These records are under control of the administrator.


Plans table

Prices & Promotions for 2 Years

Prices table

Actual Coverage

    The are available two different types of access numbers
    Type 1: Enter direct on MyGlobalPIN and the conference room
    Type 2: Must enter first a special code and then continue with the instruction of Type 1

    Acces Type "1": Local Access
    1. Select and dial the access number from the folowing table
     a. Ther system will answer: "Welcome to MyGlobalPIN.
      Please enter the PIN following by the Pound sign".
    2. Enter the PIN number following by the "#"
     a. The system will answer "You enter XXXXXXXX. If this is correct, press 1, to reenter your PIN press 2" .
    3. Press 1
     a. The system will tell you the number of people that are in the conference.
     b. You are inside the conference.

Coverage table Type 1

    Acces Type "2": INUM access
    1. Select and dial the access number from the folowing table
     a. Ther system will answer: "Welcome to INUM. Please enter the INUM that you want reach".
    2. Enter 009 995 995#
     a. The system will answer "Conecting" .
    3. From this point, follow the same instruction from the The Access Type "1"

Coverage table Type 2


How can I be registered?

You need to sign up. Once that do this, you will receive and email with your confirmation, your pin number, and a manual describing how to use the services. In any case this manual is also published in the website.

How Do I setup a conference call?

You need to inform the participants the date and the time and let them know the dial in number and the passcode. Once any of them call in, the conference is originated.

Do I need internet access to make a conference call?

No. You only need a landline or a mobile line to access the service.

Is the service free?

Yes, the service is free if you use our long pin numbers and you carry just the basic service.

Is there any long distance cost associate with the services?

No. The only cost associated is the cost of a local phone call when a local access number is used.

Can callers outside The United States participate in a conference call?

Of course. This service was designed particularly for those overseas who can make a local phone call and be connected to the conference call.

Is there any limitation in how many calls I can make?

No, there is no limitation.

How long a conference can last?

There is a limit per conference of 4 hours.

Can I record my greeting in different languages?

Yes, you can record your personal greetings in more than 20 different languages

Do you sell my contact information?

No. Your information will never be sold or used by any third party .

About Us

MyGlobalPIN is a unique service, made for you. It’s the easy way to communicate orally with anyone, anywhere in the world.

MyGlobalPIN is more than an audio conference system with a worldwide coverage because it also offers powerful web integration platform to control calls and participants helping their interactions with collaborative tools.

It’s essentially free with some freemium services, no matter if you talk with a person or with groups, if you have a smart phone or computer, also works with any phone, anywhere in the world where there is a local access number.

MyGlobalPIN was founded by Ricardo Gonda, an entrepreneur who has dedicated his life to the develop telecom companies across the world and José Gregorio Garcia also an entrepreneur with vast experience in the world of finance and international markets.


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